Photography For Commercial and Home Property Inspections

Any home or commercial property inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of a property being considered for purchase. This inspection includes a non-intrusive and non-destruction assessment of various external and internal building components. Also in the report are assessments of the roof, foundations, structural frame, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, electrical and plumbing. Each inspection report should also come with color photographs of the property face as well as any items that are found lacking in structural or functional integrity.

Photography provides visual evidence of leaking water, conditions of the roof, and cracks in exterior landscaping such as sidewalks. Having documented proof will help purchasers when they begin negotiations on property prices. Instead of having a he said/she said between the owner’s inspector and the purchaser’s inspector, having a photograph in hand makes the need for repairs hard to deny.

Having the photography data information is also useful as it proves the date and time that the photographs were taken. Photographs provide a record of the general condition of the facility or home property.

A trusted commercial property inspector should provide an initial price estimation as well as a remedy for any deficiencies noted. For example, a leaking pipe should be documented first. Secondly, the home inspector should advise the potential buyer to have a licensed plumber assess the job. The inspector should NEVER refer you to a specific company for these services. This is so you can feel safe that inspectors are not receiving kickbacks for referrals, or advising the buyers to fix problems that don’t exist.

As a buyer, you many want to consult several different companies before making any decisions on whom to use. Estimates on items such as foundation and roofing may vary. This can be due to the scope of the project. Some companies will go over and above to ensure safety, generally costing more, while other companies will do what needs to be done to remedy the situation.

Sending a company or contractor photographs before they come to see the problem can help make them aware of the extent of the problem they are assessing. This may trigger them to do further exploration (when it comes to pipes, piping behind walls may need to be inspected).

The use of photography in regards to commercial and home inspections is priceless. Pictures don’t lie, they simply arm the potential buyers with the information they need to get the best price they can get on their new home.